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  1. Duffell, Martin J.. "Chaucer, Gower, and the History of the Hendecasyllable." In In English Historical Metrics. Ed. McCully, C.B. and Anderson, J.J.. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995, pp. 210-218. ISBN 0521554640
  2. Duffell, Martin J.. "'The Craft So Long to Lerne': Chaucer's Invention of the Iambic Pentameter." Chaucer Review 34.3 (2000), pp. 269-288. ISSN 0009-2002
  3. Duffell, Martin J. and Billy, Dominique. "From Decasyllable to Pentameter: Gower's Contribution to English Metrics." Chaucer Review 38 (2004), pp. 383-400. ISSN 0009-2002
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