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Reflection, Interrupted: Interior Mirror Work in the 'Confessio Amantis'.

Boyar, Jenny. "Reflection, Interrupted: Interior Mirror Work in the 'Confessio Amantis'." Accessus: A Journal of Premodern Literature and New Media 3 (2016), n.p..


Boyar has studied the production and availability of mirrors in Gower's London, and uses the information valuably to draw conclusions as to the possible intended reading of the concluding image of "John Gower" seeing his image in a mirror. Mirrors were not common items in the Middle Ages, and most--if available--would have had only "hazy reflective properties." "Ultimately," she suggests, "that, more than a revelation through reflective recognition, the Confessio's ending would have proven most resonant for its portrayal of seeing through a complicated medium." [RFY. Copyright. The John Gower Society eJGN 35.2 ]

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