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La traducción de "Confessio amantis" de John Gower

Santano Moreno, Bernardo. "La traducción de "Confessio amantis" de John Gower." Anuario de estudios filológicos 12 (1989), pp. 253-65. ISSN 0071-1713


After a review of the main studies of the Spanish translation of the CA and the main issues related to it--like the alleged existence of the Portuguese intermediate version--,Santano attempts to date both the only extant Spanish manuscript of the "Confisyon" and translation itself. The manuscript is written, he claims, in a hand similar to the script found in some late-fifteenth documentary records of the city of Huete, the birthplace of Juan de Cuenca, who translated the poem. For the date of the translation, he uses internal evidence. Thus, the reference to Huete as city in the Spanish text provides a post quem dating point,1428, when the town received this new designation. Similarly, the term "corona"--considered a calque from Portuguese--translates the English currency "pound;" Santano points out that this currency was used in Portugal in times of Dom Duarte (1433-38). An English version of this article (slightly modified) was published as: Santano Moreno, Bernardo. "Some Observations on the Dates and Circumstances of the Fifteenth-Century Portuguese and Castilian Translations of John Gower’s Confessio Amantis." SELIM 1 (1991), pp. 106-122.

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