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The Manuscripts and Illustrations of Gower's Works

Pearsall, Derek. "The Manuscripts and Illustrations of Gower's Works." In A Companion to Gower. Ed. Echard, Siân. Cambridge: Brewer, 2004, pp. 73-97.


Provides a remarkable gathering in one place of what can be said about the appearance, format, arrangement, contents, illustration and decoration, production, ownership, and readership of the MS copies of Gower's works. Pearsall writes not only from long and intimate acquaintance with the books that he describes but also with characteristic sympathy for the scribes. The handlist of Gower MSS on pp. 74-79 will now be our basic point of reference until the appearance of the much awaited "Descriptive Catalogue," forthcoming under Pearsall's editorship. [PN. Copyright. The John Gower Society. JGN 24.1]

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