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Il testimone mutilo della traduzione castigliana della 'Confessio Amantis'.

Faccon, Manuela. "Il testimone mutilo della traduzione castigliana della 'Confessio Amantis'." eHumanistica 18 (2011), pp. 366-84.


This Italian article by Manuela Faccon focuses on the only manuscript of the medieval Spanish version of CA, the "Confysion del Amante," translated out of the Portuguese. Her main purpose is to explain the lacunae in the translation (Book IV, chs. 17-26), which she undertakes both through a very detailed codicological examination of the manuscript and by comparing the omissions in Spanish with the Portuguese "Livro do Amante," where there is no textual gap. The thorough description of hands, layout, inks and watermarks of the "Confysion," as well as the edition of the Portuguese fragment intended to show what is missing in Spanish, are materials drawn from Faccon’s dissertation, a comparative study and a critical edition of Books I-IV of the Portuguese and Spanish texts (Universitá degli Studi di Verona 2007; published in Zaragoza 2011; see the reviews in JGN 28.2 and 30.2). Here, after revision, Faccon very succinctly suggests the possibility that this fragmentary codex could be a composite of two different copies of the Spanish "Confessio" (381). Some further exploration of it would have been welcome, however, as hers is here only a suggestion, with no proof put forward. Fortunately, the increasing scholarly attention on the Iberian versions of the CA is giving us an opportunity to know these texts and their manuscripts better: some members of the Gower Society heard the paleographer Mauricio Herrero’s in-depth study of the manuscript presented as a plenary lecture at the II Gower Congress in Valladolid in 2011; a revised version of his talk will be published in a collection of essays forthcoming from the University of Valladolid Press. [AS-H. Copyright JGN 31.2]

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Confessio Amantis

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