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The Tale of Argus and Mercury (CA, IV, 3317-61)

Lepley, Douglas L. "The Tale of Argus and Mercury (CA, IV, 3317-61)." In John Gower's Literary Transformations in the Confessio Amantis: Original Articles and Translations. Ed. Beidler, Peter G. Washington, D. C.: University Press of America, 1982, pp. 45-49. ISBN 081925962


Lepley summarizes Ovid's story of Io's transformation ("Metamorphoses" 1.583-746) and identifies ways that Gower alters Ovid's version in his own account of Argus and Mercury in CA 4.3317-61. Radically revamping Ovid's emphasis, Gower's tale is not about Io's suffering nor Jupiter's lust; instead, Gower reduces sympathy for Io and develops the minor characters of Argus and Mercury in order to demonstrate the "dangers of sleeping when one should be awake." [MA]

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