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Das Sprichwort bei Gower, mit besonderem Hinweis auf Quellen und Parallelen

Waltz, Gotthard. "Das Sprichwort bei Gower, mit besonderem Hinweis auf Quellen und Parallelen." Nördlingen: Beck, 1907


Waltz's published dissertation provides a brief introduction to Gower's use of proverbs as well as an exhaustive catalogue. Waltz opens with a general distinction between folk and literary proverb, and briefly compares Gower's tally of 290 proverbs to Chaucer's approximately 187 proverbs. There is some overlap (about 60 proverbs), but they probably did not borrow from each other. Waltz lists some of Gower's major influences (the Bible, the Church Fathers, and the Latin authors), and feels that Gower may have read many of them directly, rather than using florilegia. The main body of the dissertation consists of Gower's proverbs organized by theme (e.g., human relationships, relationships to authority, human endeavor, etc.). The provenance of each proverb is also charted in some detail. The catalogue ends with a list of proverbs that either only have English provenance or are not known outside of Gower. [CvD]

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