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El Libro VI de la Confessio Amantis

Cortijo Ocaña, Antonio. "El Libro VI de la Confessio Amantis." Revista de Literatura Medieval 22 (2010), pp. 11-74. ISSN 1130-3611


Antonio Cortijo Ocaña continues with his long-term project of editing the Portuguese version of the "Confessio Amantis. In this case, he puts together the edition of book VI, thus culminating a process started in 2007, when the text itself was made available together with an introductory comment on the contents of the book, its sources and the translation (Antonio Cortijo Ocaña. "El libro VI de la Confessio Amantis." eHumanista: Journal of Iberian Studies 8 (2007): 38-72. (See the review in the Gower Bibliography online - http://gowerbib.lib.utsa.edu/). The article now published in the Revista de literatura medieval rounds off this first edition by providing the Portuguese text with a profuse annotation mainly intended to show the differences with Juan de Cuenca's Spanish translation, and occasionally with the English original. Those interested in a more visual parallel with Gower's original may also want to resort to the side-by-side Portuguese-English texts published by Cortijo in eHumanista, in the section devoted to the ongoing Confessio Amantis Project (http://www.ehumanista.ucsb.edu/projects/Confessio%20Amantis/index.shtml). As this online edition includes the above-mentioned annotation apparatus, it allows a thorough view of how the two medieval translations of the Confessio Amantis relate to the English original--an approach that Cortijo has been consistently pursuing in his project, and which is highly valuable for further studies on the Confessio and its Iberian versions. http://www.ehumanista.ucsb.edu/projects/Confessio%20Amantis/VIII%20Spanish%20Translation.pdf. √ No introduction – Spanish text (verse layout) – Some annotation, comparing with English and Portuguese texts. [AS-H. Copyright. The John Gower Society. JGN 30.2]

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Confessio Amantis

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