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Southwark Gower: Augustinian Agencies in Gower's Manuscripts and Texts – Some Prolegomena

Pouzet, Jean-Pascal. "Southwark Gower: Augustinian Agencies in Gower's Manuscripts and Texts – Some Prolegomena." In John Gower, Trilingual Poet: Language, Translation, and Tradition. Ed. Dutton, Elisabeth and Hines, John and Yeager, R.F. Cambridge: Brewer, 2010, pp. 11-25.


Pouzet offers a detailed (though in his own view, preliminary) account of how Gower's long residence in the Augustinian priory of St Mary Overey is reflected in his poetry and in the later circulation of his works. Some of his more interesting speculations concern the books that were known to have been in the priory. To the three known to John Fisher (see "John Gower: Moral Philosopher and Friend of Chaucer, 1964, p. 93 and n.), Pouzet adds eleven more (though carefully noting that not all were necessarily owned by the priory during Gower's residence). These include commentaries on the Bible, collections of sermons, and collections of miscellaneous works, some with intriguing connections to Gower, and one, Pouzet hints (15) that might contain a note in Gower's hand. Gower's work reflects possible engagement with other works associated with the Augustinians but whose presence at the priory cannot be demonstrated, such as the "Aurora" of Peter Riga. Augustinian connections can also be shown in the copying, ownership, and dissemination of some of Gower's own works, including not just his Latin poetry but also at least two MSS (one of excerpts) of CA. [PN. Copyright. The John Gower Society. JGN 30.1]

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