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Quixley’s Ballades Royal (?1402)

MacCracken, Henry Noble. "Quixley’s Ballades Royal (?1402)." Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 20 (1909), pp. 33-50.


MacCracken publishes a Middle English translation of Gower's ballade sequence Traité. This remarkably close translation by a certain Quixley had not been noted before, and MacCracken's is the first (and only) edited version. It is in a northern dialect and likely from Yorkshire, and MacCracken suggests a number of Quixleys (after the village of Whixley, just north-west of York), as possible authors. He settles on a lord, John Quixley, whose daughter married in 1402, on which occasion a poem of this nature would have been appropriate. [CvD]

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