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Omnia Vincit Amor: An Interpretation of Gower's Cronica Tripertita

Ito, Masayoshi. "Omnia Vincit Amor: An Interpretation of Gower's Cronica Tripertita." Studies in English Literature 49 (1972), pp. 3-15. ISSN 0039-3649


Ito argues that Gower constructs the CT as an exemplum with a specific moral: omnia vincit amor (love conquers all). Gower borrows this maxim from Cassiodorus, and it not only occurs in the preface to the CT, but also in all Gower's major texts. Ito traces the history of the phrase and suggests that Gower uses "amor" to mean both heavenly love and kingly pity. Ito further suggests that Gower may have been influenced by Cassiodorus' "Historia Ecclesiastica Tripartita," not only because of its title, but also because of its depiction of Constantine, who for Gower was also a model of kingly pity. As an exemplum on "amor," then, the CT has an "architectonic beauty" (12), for it treats (in order) justice, cruelty, and pity. Ito concludes with a discussion of additional rhetorical devices Gower employs. [CvD]

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Cronica Tripertita

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