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La traducción de Juan de Cuenca: el minúsculo oficio del traductor.

Cortijo Ocaña, Antonio. "La traducción de Juan de Cuenca: el minúsculo oficio del traductor." In Traducción y Humanismo: Panorama de un desarrollo cultural. Ed. Recio, Roxana. Soria, Spain: [University of Valladolid], 2007, pp. 83-129. ISBN 9788496695184


Antonio Cortijo Ocaña is the researcher who has published most extensively on the Spanish and Portuguese medieval translations of the "Confessio Amantis," including the edition of some sections of the latter. In this article he brings together the two versions in order to analyze the Juan de Cuenca's craft as Spanish translator of Robert Payne's Portuguese version. As he states that his purpose is to examine the "intrahistory" (87) of this rendering, he focuses on the opening of book VIII for his analysis, the story of Apollonius, which he edits in parallel. In the pages that precede this edition, Cortijo reminds us of the context in which the Confessio reached the Iberian Peninsula-–during the reigns of Philippa and Catherine of Lancaster–-suggesting that the Spanish humanist Alonso de Cartagena might have promoted Cuenca's translation, as "a propaganda literary text, of ethical, moral and entertaining character" (84). His study of Payne's and Cuenca's versions leads him to conclude that the Spanish text is highly faithful to the Portuguese at all levels--syntactical, semantic, lexical--to the point of calquing his source text. Cortijo Ocaña remarks that, in spite of this fidelity, Juan de Cuenca deliberately evinces his presence and work as translator in the Spanish text through some minor modifications like "amplificationes," abbreviations or changes in word order which however do not alter the sense of his source. Because, in Cortijo's opinion, the ruling principle of translation for Juan de Cuenca was that the Portuguese text was "almost a 100% transferable" (87). [ASH. Copyright. The John Gower Society JGN 29.2]

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Confessio Amantis

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