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Gower 'pia bita bibit' and Henry IV in 1399 November.

Carlson, David R. "Gower 'pia bita bibit' and Henry IV in 1399 November." English Studies 89 (2008), pp. 377-84. ISSN 0013-838X


Fisher pointed out (1964, pp. 68-69 and 342 n. 8) that Gower's "0 Recolende" seems to contain, in its promise of Henry's continuing fame, a reference to the king's grant of two pipes of Gascony wine in November 1399, and that it also seems to anticipate his composition of the "Cronica Tripertita." Carlson examines the same passage in closer detail, including both the earlier and later versions of "0 Recolende," explicating Gower's play on words more fully and pointing to several verbal similarities between this poem and the final eight lines of CT, suggesting that the former "appears to incorporate an initial formulation of matter that Gower was to rework in the latter" (380). He concludes that Henry's grant to Gower preceded the poet's composition of both "0 Recolende" and CT. In his citation of the passage from CT, Carlson uses the version found only in the Glasgow MS (G) which in his 2007 essay he suggests was written after 1405. In this essay, however, he dates the composition of this conclusion to February 1400 (381). [PN. Copyright. The John Gower Society. JGN 28.1]

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