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Review of Macaulay’s The Complete Works of John Gower, vol. IV

Spies, Heinrich. "Review of Macaulay’s The Complete Works of John Gower, vol. IV." Englische Studien 35 (1905), pp. 104-109.


Although his review is occasioned by the publication of volume 4 of Macaulay's edition of Gower (the Latin Works), Spies focuses primarily on Macaulay's general opinion of Gower's politics. Spies agrees with Macaulay's favorable assessment of Gower's switch in allegiance away from Richard II, and lists some of the criticisms traditionally leveled against Gower (from Colley Cibber to Karl Meyer). Spies provides more criticism, however, of Macaulay's views on the supposed quarrel between Chaucer and Gower. Spies feels that the Man of Law's opinion of Gower is shared by Chaucer, and he questions Macaulay's argument that Gower only struck the greeting to Chaucer from the later recensions to create room for other material. [CvD]

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