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Spies, Heinrich. "Goweriana." Englische Studien 34 (1904), pp. 169-175.


This piece is a kind of appendix to Spies' article from 1900 ("Bisherige Ergebnisse") and consists of two parts: a further listing of allusions to Gower in later authors, and a fleshing out of Macaulay's descriptive catalogue of CA manuscripts. In the first part Spies makes only an occasional comment on the various references he lists. For example, he wonders whether George Puttenham had not seen the first recension of the CA since he only mentions Gower in relation to Henry IV. In the second part Spies describes a number of MSS in some detail (including one come to light after Macaulay's edition), and seems fascinated by some of the marginal notations and added verses, but makes no larger observations. Spies finishes with an initial tally of the number of extant copies of Caxton's and Berthelette's editions. [CvD]

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Subjects:Confessio Amantis
Manuscripts and Textual Studies
Influence and Later Allusion

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