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Gower's 'Honeste Love.'

Bennett, J. A. W. "Gower's 'Honeste Love.'." In Patterns of Love and Courtesy: Essays in Memory of C. S. Lewis. Ed. Lawlor, John. London: Edward Arnold, 1966, pp. 108-120.


Bennet, writing in a commemorative volume for C.S. Lewis, notes that Lewis commented surprisingly little on the "ethical scheme" (106) of CA and how the poem fit within the history of the allegory of love, and paid more attention to Gower's poetic craft. Bennet aims to make up for this lack by demonstrating that Gower does not advocate a complete relinquishing of earthly love in favour of divine charity. Gower's Genius is a combination of the two characters of Genius and Nature in the Roman de la Rose (109), and becomes a spokesperson for a chaste love that finds its end in marriage and procreation. This virtuous love is frequently referred to as "honeste" (see the citations on 113-17) and is what provides Amans, and indeed the commonwealth, with true "pes" (peace). [CvD]

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