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The Two Venuses and Courtly Love

Economou, George D. "The Two Venuses and Courtly Love." In Pursuit of Perfection: Courtly Love in Medieval Literature. Ed. Ferrante, Joan M and Economou, George D. Port Washington, NY: Kennikat, 1975, pp. 17-50.


Economou notes a "strong thematic bond among works like the De planctu naturae, the Roman de la Rose, the Parlement of Foules, and the Confessio Amantis, works which share strong formal and generic elements" (23). Each of these works focuses on courtly love, and each participates in the medieval idea of the two Venuses. Gower's Venus is the "good Venus, associated with Natura (VIII. 2337-44) and identified as the planet (VIII 2942-44)" (31-32). This Venus restores Amans to his senses and allows him to recognize the folly of lechery in his old age. [CvD]

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Confessio Amantis

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