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Gower's 'Tale of Constance'

Dulak, Robert E. "Gower's 'Tale of Constance'." Notes and Queries 198 (1953), pp. 368-389.


When Gower rewrites Nicholas Trivet's story of Constance, one of the details that he changes concerns the baptism of Dame Hermingild. Whereas in Trivet Hermingild is murdered after being baptized, Gower has her killed before she can be baptized. Gower makes this change, according to Dulak, in order to highlight that Hermingild had a "baptism of desire." This fits with the rest of the tale, where Gower also describes baptism by blood, and baptism by water. By illustrating these three types of baptism, Gower shows his "devoutness" and "originality" (369). [CvD]

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