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Some Friends of Chaucer.

Kuhl, Ernest P. "Some Friends of Chaucer." PMLA: Publications of the Modern Language Association of America 29.2 (1914), pp. 270-76.


Kuhl's article is primarily about the witnesses in the Cecily Champaign affair, but at the very end he makes a brief mention of John Gower. After suggesting that Chaucer may have owed his guardianship of the heirs of Edmund Staplegate in 1375 to Ralph Strode, Kuhl notes that John Gower too can be linked to Edmund Staplegate. According to the Calendar of Patent Rolls, in 1386 and 1387, "John Gower and Edmund Staplegate were among the purveyors of victuals at Dover Castle" (275). Kuhl suggests that this is Gower the poet, and on the basis of these connections he concludes that "Troilus and Criseyde was dedicated to two friends who were members of the King's faction" (276). [CvD]

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