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As Ancient as Constantine

Jochums, Milford C. "As Ancient as Constantine." Studies in English Literature 4.1 (1964), pp. 101-107.


John Milton, in the pamphlet "An Apology Against a Pamphlet Call'd A Modest Confutation of the Animadversions upon the Remonstrant against Smectymnuus" (1642), quotes a lengthy passage from Gower's story of "Constantine and Sylvester" (Book 2 of the CA) as proof that "great riches in the Church are the baits of pride & ambition" (101). In the process Milton also suggests that he will "allege a reputed divine authority, as ancient as Constantine" (101). Jochums argues from a survey of Milton's other prose works that this must be a reference to Sulpicius Severus, a patristic writer who made similar points about the effects of riches on the Church. [CvD]

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Influence and Later Allusion

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