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A Note on Pericles, Act II, Chorus 17-20

Warren, Michael J. "A Note on Pericles, Act II, Chorus 17-20." Shakespeare Quarterly 22.1 (1971), pp. 90-92.


Scholars have been "universally puzzled by the half-line 'for though he striue' in the speech of Gower which opens the second act of Pericles" (91). Warren suggests that "for though" equates to Middle English "forthi" (accordingly, therefore)and fits with the archaic language of Gower's speech in the passage as a whole. After providing a catalogue of similar old-fashioned expressions, Warren ends by stating three remaining problems. These are the fact that the text reads "for though" rather than "for thy"; the irregular meter produced by the intrusion of "though" into the line; and the odd form of "strive," which has in at least one edition been emended to "strives." Warren claims that the form "strive" could be a form of the preterite for both Gower and Shakespeare, and thus cautions against emending the line, suggesting instead that all that is called for is the kind of careful explication that he has provided. [CvD]

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