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Caxton and Gower

Bennett, J. A. W. "Caxton and Gower." Modern Language Review 45.2 (1950), pp. 215-216.


Bennett compares Gower's tale of "Ceix and Alceone" with its analogue in Ovid's Metamorphoses (Book 11) and with Caxton's 1480 translation of Ovid. Gower turns Juno's injunction to Iris (to visit the cave of Morpheus) into indirect speech, describes Iris's "velamina mille colorum" as a "Reyny Cope ... begon with colours of diverse hewe," and glosses "ebenus" as "that slepi tree." Caxton, three years before he would print the CA, makes the same changes in his retelling of Ovid, and even borrows the exact phrasing of these details from Gower. [CvD]

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