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John Gower and the De Genealogia Deorum

Dilts, Dorothy A. "John Gower and the De Genealogia Deorum." Modern Language Notes 57 (1942), pp. 23-25.


Macaulay's edition of the CA notes a number of similarities between Gower's work and Boccaccio's De Genealogica Deorum and Dilts suggests some additional borrowings. These include the metamorphosis of Phillis into a "Notetre" (CA 4.867) and the reference to the island of "Chyo" (5.5413; "Chium" in Boccaccio) in the Tale of Theseus and Ariadne. While some of the similarities can be found in other sources, only the Genealogia contains all the parallels. It is likely, then, that Gower consulted the work during the composition of the CA. [CvD]

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