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Gower's 'Tale of Three Questions' and 'The Clever Peasant Girl' Folktale.

Bratcher, James T.. "Gower's 'Tale of Three Questions' and 'The Clever Peasant Girl' Folktale." Notes and Queries 53 (2006), pp. 409-410.


In an earlier article (see JGN 21:5), Bratcher pointed out the similarity between Gower's tale of "The Three Questions" (CA 1.3067-3402) and the ballad of "King John and the Bishop" (Child, no. 45). For Gower's use of a young girl instead of a shepherd (as in the ballad) and for a closer analogue to the "dust-to-dust" theme of Gower's first riddle, Bratcher now cites Aarne-Thompson type 875, "The Clever Peasant Girl," particularly as reflected in a version collected near Hanover in the early nineteenth century. In a private correspondence, Bratcher points out that the reference to type 988 in his first footnote should instead be to type 922. [PN. Copyright The John Gower Society. JGN 26.1]

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