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John Gower, Satiric Poet.

Miller, Paul. "John Gower, Satiric Poet." In Gower's Confessio Amantis: Responses and Reassessments. Ed. Minnis, A. J. Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 1983, pp. 79-105. ISBN 085991142X


Considers Gower's three major works in light of Romn satiric tradition, and identifies the "common voice" heard so often in Gower's works as identical with the "voice" of most medieval satirists. [PN. Copyright the John Gower Society. JGN 3.1]

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Subjects:Sources, Analogues, and Literary Relations
Style, Rhetoric, and Versification
Vox Clamantis
Confessio Amantis
Mirour de l’Omme (Speculum Meditantis)

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