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Gower, Richard II, Henry of Derby, and the Business of Making Culture

Staley, Lynn. "Gower, Richard II, Henry of Derby, and the Business of Making Culture." Speculum 75 (2000), pp. 68-96.


There are two unequal parts to this lengthy essay. The first, and shorter, considers the ways in which CA, "The Legend of Good Women," and Clanvowe’s "Boke of Cupid" address issues of royal prerogatives and power. Since Gower’s dedication of his poem records his relation with the king most explicitly (Chaucer’s and Clanvowe’s are encoded in their relations with the god of Love), he gets the least amount of attention of the three. Staley argues, however, that all three were engaged in a conversation with Richard that was possible in the mid-1380’s but that would have been impossible after the Merciless Parliament of 1388. The second part considers the circumstances of Gower’s revision of the dedication, when “Gower attempted to salvage a poem whose original conditions were no longer apparent

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