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Gower's Cronica Tripertita and the Latin Glosses to Hardyng's Chronicle

Moll, Richard J.. "Gower's Cronica Tripertita and the Latin Glosses to Hardyng's Chronicle." Journal of the Early Book Society 7 (2004), pp. 153-158. ISSN 1525-6790


Three rubrics in the unpublished MS of the first version of the English metrical Chronicle of John Hardyng, completed sometime in the 1450’s, cite Gower’s Cronica Tripertita as a source, and two of these include 7- and 8-line passages of verse based directly upon Gower’s poem. Moll notes the changes in the text due both to scribal confusion and to Hardyng’s somewhat greater sympathy for Richard. He points out the importance of these passages as evidence that Cronica Tripertita was known well outside of the small circle of Gower’s original readers in the decades after his death, and that it evidently circulated alone, detached from Vox Clamantis. He also notes that “In several places, Macaulay quotes the second version of Hardyng’s Chronicle [which had appeared in print, but which lacks these three glosses], apparently as an independent witness to corroborate details in the Cronica. Given his knowledge of the test, however, it is more likely that Hardyng derives these details from Gower

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