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Gower in the Delamere Chaucer Manuscript

Edwards, A. S. G.. "Gower in the Delamere Chaucer Manuscript." In The Medieval Book and a Modern Collector: Essays in Honour of Toshiyuki Takamiya. Ed. Matsuda, Takami and Linenthal, Richard A. and Scahill, John. Cambridge: Brewer, 2004, pp. 81-86. ISBN 1843840200


The former Delamere MS (now Takamiya MS 32) is one of the very few copies of CT still in private hands. It is also one of the rare MSS in which Chaucer’s and Gower’s works appear together (Edwards lists only 5 others), and of those that contains excerpts from CA, Takamiya has the largest selection, including 5 tales at the beginning and a sixth (“Nebuchadnezzar

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