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Reflexiones en torno a la presencia de Confessio Amantis de John Gower en la península Ibérica

Santano Moreno, Bernardo. "Reflexiones en torno a la presencia de Confessio Amantis de John Gower en la península Ibérica." Fifteenth-Century Studies 19 (1992), pp. 147-164.


The surviving fifteenth-century Spanish prose translation of CA has suffered a fate quite similar to that of the English poem on which it is ultimately based (by way of a no longer extant Portuguese intermediary): despite its historical importance as the first major instance of the translation of a work of English vernacular literature into a foreign tongue, it was largely ignored until a revival of interest in the twentieth century. In the case of the Spanish version, that revival seems to be in progress at this moment. Santano Moreno's essay is for the most part a review of a new edition of the Spanish translation by Manual Alvar and Elena Alvar, eds., "Confesión del amante: Traducción de Juan de Cuenca (s. XV)" (Madrid: Anejos del Boletín de la Real Academia, 1990), which replaces that of Birch-Hirschfield, first published in 1909 and now almost unavailable. Santano Moreno offers several corrections to the account of Gower's life in the introduction, and adds some information on the dates and circumstances of both the Portuguese and Spanish translations, some of which is also contained in his own earlier essay (1991). He also points out some errors in the editors' transcription of the translation. The greatest value of this essay, however, may simply be to bring English and American readers up-to-date on Spanish scholarship on this important work. [PN. Copyright The John Gower Society. JGN 12.1]

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Confessio Amantis

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