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Thomas Hoccleve's Other Master

Blyth, Charles R.. "Thomas Hoccleve's Other Master." Mediaevalia 16 (1993), pp. 349-359.


Considers two parallels between Hoccleve's Regiment of Princes and Book 7 of CA: Hoccleve's inclusion of his long, autobiographical prologue to the actual didactic treatise, which Blyth compares to the juxtaposition of Book 7 with the dialogue between Amans and Genius; and Hoccleve's version of the story that Gower told of Lycurgus. His goal is to reveal differences rather than Gower's influence; Hoccleve is less idealistic than Gower, he concludes, and his "ear is often much closer to the ground, closer to the world of daily social and political abuse and deception, than I think Gower's ever is" (p. 358). [PN. Copyright The John Gower Society. JGN 13.1]

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Additional Information:Guest issue edited by Robert F. Yeager.
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